Fiber to the home (FTTH), likewise called "fiber to the premises" (FTTP), is the establishment and utilization of optical fiber from a main issue straightforwardly to singular structures, for example, living arrangements, condo structures and organizations to give extraordinary rapid Internet access.


  • It is a carrier network also known as neutral network where unlimited service providers can be carried through one FTTH cable as per the customers leverage regarding the choice of ISP.
  • FTTH drastically builds the association speeds accessible to computer users contrasted with technologies now used in most places.

Features of FTTH

Fiber to the home (FTTH) is the conveyance of an interchanges motion over optical fiber from the administrator's exchanging gear the distance to a home or business, in this way supplanting existing copper framework, for example, phone wires or, on the other hand coaxial link.





Goodwill being pioneer in the FTTH in whole of India, provides the below benefits

  • Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is an interesting innovation being conveyed by GoodWill without precedent for India.
  • The fiber availability having unlimited transfer speed and best in class innovation gives fix to access platform to convey the high speed broadband upto 100 Mbps, IPTV having diverse kind of substance like HDTV and future coming 3D TV and scope of voice communication services.
  • It gives a complete answer for the IP rented line, web, Closed User Group (CUG), MPLS-VPN, VoIP, video conferencing, video calls and so forth whatever the services are accessible on the internet platform, transfer speed on request can be delivered by this connectivity without changing the access fiber and home gadgets.
  • Client will get a CPE called Home Optical Network Termination (HONT) comprise of 4X100 Mpbs Ethernet ports and 2 typical Mobile ports. Every 100 Mbps ports will give broadband, IPTVs, IP Video call and rented line and so on as required by the clients. Client will get control back unit having full load reinforcement of four hours and ordinary reinforcement of three days. This power reinforcement will be AC input and interfacing with the HONT on 12V DC.
  • Availability by means of FTTH: GoodWill has expanded fiber from its closest Central Office (CO) area straightforwardly or through franchisee and has introduced HONT and battery reinforcement at the clients recognized areas. The services for example Voice Video data, Broadband, IPTV and etc are getting empowered according to the customers query for plans for the same.
  • GoodWill has begun Fiber to the Home (FTTH) in Pune and in the blink of an eye going skillet India. Now individuals can appreciate fiber at their home having data transmission speed they longed for. They can understand the speed of Internet up to 100 Mbps, Multiple IPTV associations, VoI Pbased Telephone benefit.